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These are the Deviants who will have themselves shined brightly upon my wall of fame...

Keep up the good work ;)

~The Master

Gallery Folders

Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Bella the Bat by PlayboyVampire
PBVCR - Bella and the Magic Pen - Title Card by PlayboyVampire
Wrestlettes - Belle Cowbell by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire's Teatime Tag-Team Championship 1 by PlayboyVampire
Zoey Charm
Heavenly - Divine Angel by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Zoey Charm by PlayboyVampire

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire - Shy Wrestlette by PlayboyVampire
Neon Mixtape - Zoey's Retro Tights by PlayboyVampire
Starr Ravenclaw
PokePerils - Power Surge - (1) Electabuzz by PlayboyVampire
Power Surge Progress by PlayboyVampire
Starr Ravenclaw Cosplays as Vampire Lady by PlayboyVampire
Insectica - Parasitic Insect Week - Leech by PlayboyVampire
Nova Bloodlust
Dzyfannyga - Dzyfycv Laktyzm by PlayboyVampire
5 Nights - Chica's Chicken Thighs by PlayboyVampire

Mature Content

5 Nights - Chica's Cupcake by PlayboyVampire
Wrestlettes: Classic - Nova Bloodlust by PlayboyVampire
Blight Ravenclaw
Playboy Vampire - Insectica - Praying Mantis by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire YGO Cards - Blight Ravenclaw by PlayboyVampire
City Rats - Blight Ravenclaw by PlayboyVampire
City Rats - Alleyway by PlayboyVampire
Satanae Mantra

Mature Content

Hotter than Hell - Spandex Hell by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Satanae Mantra  by PlayboyVampire
PBVRDC2015 - Satanae's Offer by PlayboyVampire
Hotter than Hell - Masked Succubus by PlayboyVampire
Azarah the Dragoness
Caliburn - NecroDragon's Treasure by PlayboyVampire

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire - DragonForce - Spandex Ripping by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Chibi - Azarah the Dragoness by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Azarah the Dragoness by PlayboyVampire
Cleo Necrotiti
PBV - TCG - Cleo Necrotiti by PlayboyVampire
Getting Goosebumps - Curse of the Mummy's Tomb by PlayboyVampire

Mature Content

Playboy Vampire - Curse of Necrotiti- Cleo's Mummy by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Curse of Necrotiti - Sarcophagus by PlayboyVampire
Twilight the Dummy
PBV Costume Rumble - Twilight - Halloween by PlayboyVampire
Realistic Head of Twilight *attempt* by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Twilight by PlayboyVampire
Digimon XXX - Puppetmon by PlayboyVampire
Dementia 13

Mature Content

PBVCR - Dementia 13 - Slasher by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Dementia 13 by PlayboyVampire
Dementia is NOT CRAZY! by PlayboyVampire
Lunatic's Asylum - Dementia 13 Revamped by PlayboyVampire
Shaman Oowa
Voodoo - Hoodoo-Voodoo Leotard by PlayboyVampire
Jackie O'Lantern
PBVCR - Jackie O'Lantern - Pumpkin Suit by PlayboyVampire
Sora Nightwing
Biketard Beauties - Sora Nightwing by PlayboyVampire
Kolor the Clown

Mature Content

Scary Birthday - Scary Birthday to YOU! - Cens by PlayboyVampire
Katasuri Kyonshi

Mature Content

Like a Ninja - Nicely Spread Ninja - Censored by PlayboyVampire
Witch Hazel
WitchCraft - Hex Girl by PlayboyVampire
Alexandra Faith
PBVC - Broken Photoshop by PlayboyVampire
Harvest Lady, Raven
Field of Screams - Scarecrow Bodysuit by PlayboyVampire
Sage Darkwing
Beach Ghouls - Sage's Wetsuit by PlayboyVampire
Patty O'Lassie
Friday the 13th - Patty O'Lassie by PlayboyVampire
Malice Alice
Steampunk'd - Mad Hatter Day by PlayboyVampire
The Shadow
Oh, Canada! - Masked Canadian Costume by PlayboyVampire
Lydia Dreary
Hang'd - Lydia Dreary by PlayboyVampire
Couples Groups
Skullhead Sisters - Skullhead Gang by PlayboyVampire

Mature Content

Welcome the Queen Bee by Dark-Sprinkles01
Playboy Vampire's Teatime Tag-Team Championship 10 by PlayboyVampire
Costume Rumble - Boogey's Automatonophobia by PlayboyVampire
Charlotte Spidersilk
Charlotte Spidersilk Chibi by KimiK-Art by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire Shriek by ArtofJoshLyman
Janice Hedley
Playboy Vampire - 31 Days of October - Day 5 by PlayboyVampire
Outfit and Costume Designs
New to PBV - Skeleton - Batsuit by PlayboyVampire
Alyria the Lycan
Crushing Pains - Who Will Alyria Fight? by PlayboyVampire
Valerie Ravenclaw
5 Nights - Bonnie the Bunny by PlayboyVampire
Jinn the Death Genie
Chibi - Arabian Night - Jinn the Death Genie by PlayboyVampire
PBV - TCG - Video Distortion by PlayboyVampire
Gigabyte the Virus Queen
Cera Raptor
Playboy Vampire - Jurassic World - Cera Raptor by PlayboyVampire
Just Desserts - Christmas in July - Hot Cocoa by PlayboyVampire
Molly Dolly
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Molly Dolly by PlayboyVampire
Alliah Nightcore
Life with Alliah - Metal the Fish by PlayboyVampire
Sunshine Cuddlebear
Playtime at Sunshine's - Sunshine Cuddlebear by PlayboyVampire
Umbra Darkmoor

Mature Content

Noir - Fucktober - Censored by PlayboyVampire
Katya Catswell
Katya Catswell Cosplays as Alley-Kat-Abra by PlayboyVampire
PBVCR - A1-IC3 - Chronograph by PlayboyVampire
Chandell Wisp

Mature Content

Chandell Mansion - Sexual Candles by PlayboyVampire
Roast Pork - Cho-Hakkai by PlayboyVampire
Villas Vandraedum

Mature Content

Troll'D - Feeding the Troll by PlayboyVampire
Captain Calypso
StraitSuits - Captain Calypso by PlayboyVampire
Gloria Stonecraft
Gloria Stonecraft by PlayboyVampire
Electra Von Necrostein
PBVCR - Electra von Necrostein - Dark Storm Suit by PlayboyVampire
Naga Snakescale
Coiled - Naga the Gorgon by PlayboyVampire
Wynter Snowdrift

Mature Content

Gothic Christmas - Let it Snow by PlayboyVampire
Hagra Horror
Getting Goosebumps - Escape from Horrorland by PlayboyVampire
Miskwi Nandobi
Spirit Caller - Miskwi Nandobii by EspadaDelOscuro
Playboy Vampire - The Trading Card Game
PBV - 049 - Katasuri Kyonshi by PlayboyVampire
Fan Art
Xmas 2016: PlayboyVampire by gilster262
Agatha Icebane
XXX-Mas - Christmas in July - Cum-Loaded Yeti by PlayboyVampire
Athena Griffin
Bathory Batwing
Vania - Bathory Batwing by PlayboyVampire
Clover McPatrick
Deirdre Necroshade
Shadow Knights - Deirdre Necroshade by PlayboyVampire
Gabriel KaBoom
Glitter the Cupcake
Jacqueline Crank
Scary Birthday - 7-Year Anniversary - Jacqueline by PlayboyVampire
Tricks and Treats - Topsy-Turvy by PlayboyVampire
Xtraczis the Stravatian Queen
OuterWorld - Xtraczis, the Stravatian Queen by PlayboyVampire
Ginger B. Reid
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Ginger Read by PlayboyVampire
Rheena Scattail
Costume Rumble - Rheena Scattail - Singlet by PlayboyVampire
Rosetta Bramblethorn
Holly Reindeer
Blitz Reindeer
Gothic Christmas - Christmas in July - Blitz by PlayboyVampire
Sanora Cactacea
Sanora Fiesta - Sanora Cactacea by PlayboyVampire
Harlequin the Clown Doll
Foxy Redpaw
Countess Mozzarella
Twinkle Snowstar
XXX-Mas - Christmas in July - Twinkle Snowstar by PlayboyVampire
Anina Catscratch
Anina Catscratch by PlayboyVampire
Sapphire Sharkfin
Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Mandy by PlayboyVampire
Penny Molar
Faerie Tales - Penny Molar by PlayboyVampire
Sabrina Gloomthorn
Tricks and Treats - Sabrina Gloomthorn by PlayboyVampire
Wrestlettes - Acorn the 'Flying Squirrel' by PlayboyVampire
Arianna Nightworg
Artemis Nightworg
Calaca Deathrattle
Crescent Brownworg
Donna Reindeer
Vixen Reindeer
Kotton Kandy the Clown
Gator Wrestling - The Ripper by PlayboyVampire
Pauline Skywing
Wrestlettes - Pauline Skywing by PlayboyVampire
Skyla Whitewing
Wrestlettes - Skyla Whitewing by PlayboyVampire
Torch of Justice - Mighty Heroine by PlayboyVampire
PBVCR - Tigra the Tigress - Tigress Terror by PlayboyVampire
Wrestlettes - Magma by PlayboyVampire
Wrestlettes - Nightmare by PlayboyVampire
Julie L'Gill
Beach Ghouls - Julie L'Gill by PlayboyVampire
Annie Cottontail
Bunny Hugged - Towering the Terror by PlayboyVampire
Honey Bumble
Wrestlettes - Apple Scissors by PlayboyVampire
Morticia Cromwell
Gothica - Morticia Cromwell by PlayboyVampire



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Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present the Master of Gothic Erotics, the Ringleader of the Sexually horrifying, the infamous, PLAYBOY VAMPIRE!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Playboy Vampire has expanded on a global scale to reach the hearts of many with our exquisit display of suductive female vampirettes.
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Apr 27, 2010


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Playboy Vampire

46 Members
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These updates will initiate on the first of October! So you have so you have 3 weeks to get ready for it! :D These updates include another fundraiser similar to Crushing Pains but VERY different! This fundraiser will delay the Christmas Wrestling Championship though.

First off, I will only post preview pictures for "Fucktober" here, but post the rest on my Fur affinity account. These pics will include ONLY October series like "Bump in the Night", "Mutants", etc. These previews will allow me to post these pics here but not the genitalia parts to avoid any suspension/ban hammers.

Next is "Draw a Vampirette" day! This is an activity that anyone can join! It's on the 20th of October. This will allow anyone to draw a Vampirette of their choice. It doesn't matter who they are or what their doing. That is your own decision. With permission, I will collect the pics and create a collage with links to the original art. This collage will be posted on the 30th of October.

Finally, my favorite part... The Fundraiser! This is going to start on the 1st of October! It's called "Kolor's Karnival of Klowns"! Kolor the Clown is the Ringmaster of the circus as she presents other Vampirettes as circus performers doing sexy feats and lesbian action. The goal for this fundraiser is 10,000 points! This event will continue until the 30th of October.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments of this journal page and ONLY this page. Quite honestly, I am EXCITED about "Kolor's Karnival of Klowns"!

Coulrophobics are NOT forced to participate. If you have a fear of clowns, then you may wanna avoid this event on October. This is easily done by managing your watch list and any groups associated with it. Mainly, this one.

Another thing I wanna mention is Playboy Vampire's Ring Diva Championship 2016. The thing I wanna talk about is the voting system. I have devised something SO brilliant! This match will have NO points involved in the voting system! It's fair for everyone that cannot pay for points or ARE low on points! Winners of this match will receive points, hopefully from the points accumulated from "Kolor's Karnival of Klowns"! That is, if everything goes according to plan.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to share for now! Have fun, loyal Vampees! ;D
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